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A Recap on the different between mouth to lung and sub ohm

A Recap on the different between mouth to lung and sub ohm

If your new to vaping wrapping your head around the different types can seem quite a daunting task however we're here to break it down for you into a simple and easy guide.

Mouth to lung - Mouth to lung is the more effective method of vaping for first time vapers wanting to give up smoking. This menthod of vaping allows for thinner liquids with higher nicotine percentages as most small devices with low amounts of vapour need this thinner liquid to function through there low wattage coils. Heres a few devices you might like that are MTL

Aspire k3 - This device uses low wattage and power but has long lasting sturdy 1.8 nautilus coils that are great for higher percentages of nicotine.#

Caliburn G kit - This little pocket kit as an incredible automatic puff option which means once it's turned on you can just puff away.  

Endura T18e - A perfect starter kit easy to use and very hard wearing for those new to vaping 

Now onto Sub Ohm, This type of vaping is for low nicotine users who enjoy cloud and flavor. Sub ohm devices run at a higher wattage which requires a thicker liquid that we call "high VG" this type of vaping is more like inhaling shisha then smoking a cigarette. Here's some of our recommended first time devices for those new to sub ohming.

Aegis mini - This pocket size beast is as hard wearing as they come with 80 watts of power topped with the Cerberus tank it delivers both cloud and flavour

Drag x - A pocket sized kit with a smart system that automatically adjusts your  to the preferred coil settings uses a range of PnP coils for different vaping experiences in one device. 

 Argus Pro 80 - This little machine packs a punch with incredible cloud ratings as well as boasting a flavorful hit 


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