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New silent juice Dessert Range

New silent juice Dessert Range

Bouncing back from covid bigger and better. We'd like to thank all the support we've had from existing and new customers! Now everything is up and running again we'd like to introduce you too our new desserts range. Upon customer feedback we've created a brand new menu of flavours to even up the score between fruity and bakery. These 19 new flavours blend together fruit, cream, caramel, cake and biscuit. This range has been crafted to be the perfect addition to our already large silent juice range.  

Introducing the Silent juice dessert range!

Vanilla Custard - A sweet and rich vanilla bean custard. This perfect blend of creamy custard and vanilla is a nice light take on a loved classic.

Toffee Apple Cookie - fragrant and creamy toffee wrapped around crisp red apples. This rich and fruity flavour is a unique autumnal take on traditional toffee apples.

Strawberry Ice Cream Cake - A unique blend of vanilla bean ice cream, sweet strawberry syrup and subtle sponge notes. This creamy bakery flavour is our take on a traditional strawberry arctic roll.

Smores - This campfire favorite features creamy marsh mellows, smooth milk chocolate and american sweet crackers to finish. 

 Rice Pudding - A well crafted pudding blend that hosts both light and creamy flavors. A soft and creamy vanilla rice pudding. 

Red Berry Tart - Caramelized raspberry's, strawberry s and blackberries accompanied by a buttery biscuit undertone. This bakery rendition is tasty everyday vape with bold fruits and pie! 

Raspberry Danish - A beautiful blend of tangy raspberry's, sweet and silky icing with an exhale of french pastry. This dessert flavour takes the cake! Raspberry danish is a perfectly balanced fruity bakery mix.

Peach Melba - This retro dessert flavour blends sweet fuzzy peach, tart raspberry sauce and vanilla bean ice cream. This charming combination of fruit and cream is the best of both worlds.

Mint Choc Chip Ice Cream - just like an ice cream parlor this liquid delivers a big scoop of flavor.  Featuring creamy chocolate with swirls of gentle mint. This unique chocolate chip mint ice cream blend is bursting with flavor .

Mangoberry Cheesecake - Ripe sweet mango's accompanied by an assortment of tangy red berries blended with flavours of baked biscuit and vanilla cream. This is an adventurous fruity everyday vape flavour.

Luxury Vanilla Custard A beautifully mix classic custard this rich dessert flavour  has notes of sweetness but is light enough to be moreish.

Key Lime Pie - Key lime pie is a take on an american classic, this zesty blend is a mix of caramelized biscuit base lime vanilla custard and cream.

Honey Cereal  This cereal flavour hosts notes of roasted grains, honey and cream this is one of our creamiest liquids yet.

Ginger Snaps The soul warming taste of crumbly ginger snap biscuits, this liqghtly spiced biscuit flavor is perfect for those who enjoy ginger.

Eton Mess - Sweet summer strawberries featuring notes of baked meringue with dashes of cream, this classic summer dessert flavour is both creamy and fruity.

Coffee Cake - A nutty and rich freshly baked cake, with notes of creamy light coffee and sweet vanilla caramel icing. This bakery flavour is a light and sweet coffee lovers dream. 

Blueberry DoughnutSoft and fluffy sugared donuts combined with sweet and tangy blueberry jam. This sweet and soft bakery flavor features notes of dough and blueberry preserve. 

Blue CustardSoft and fluffy custard combined with soft crushed blueberrys, into a blast childhood nostalgia this classic blue custards takes you right back.

Blackberry PancakeA classic British dessert this soft and fluffy pancake flavour. hosts notes of dark caramelized blackberries. 

Big cat - Big cat is a classic chocolate treat loved by many. this flavour kicks Milk chocolate over a fluffy wafer biscuit. Have a break have big cat.

Banana Crunch - This bold flavour hosts soft baked bananas with a caramelized and crumbly nutty topping. 

Banana Cream Pie - Caramelized baked bananas with soft and delicious vanilla cream. Undertones of soft crumbly pie crust. 

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