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Its the that time of the year again and all throughout October were trying to promote giving up smoking we do this every day of the year of course however October gets a bit of extra attention.

Why give up in October?

Not only will you be giving up just in time for Christmas to help you save a few pennies but in the long run it'll improve your health massively. Giving up around this time helps you avoid the old "new years promise" by the time you're about to count 3,2,1 down to midnight you'll already be an ex smoker and half the battle will have already been fought. Christmas can also be the most stressful time of year if you can avoid smoking then your chances of success are pretty high.

The most common questions you'll ask yourself. 

is it really worth it? It speaks for itself ask your lungs and your wallet, and possibly your doctor because I assure you they'll be over the moon that you've taken this step forward not to mention the " have you tried or would you be interested in giving up smoking" brief you get at every appointment will be a thing of the past.

I read an article online that says vaping is worse than smoking? Don't believe everything you read the UK has one of the highest standards for E liquid and Vaping in the world not to mention National health, Cancer Research and the NHS recommend it as a healthy smoking alternative we trust those guys.

We seriously recommend you at least try to give up we have a whole array of starter kits online and in store to help you on your way to giving up for good.

 Top kits

Zeltu - A small reliable pod based device that's refillable . 

K3 - A pen shaped vape that packs a punch with easy to change coils.

zelos - A more advanced device with power changing options 


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