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When will vape shops re-open?

When will vape shops re-open?

Truth is currently we have no idea, with the country in the grips of the pandemic every non essential shop has a nail biting wait until it’s safe to re-open. 

During this time supporting small local stores is imperative not only does it improve the local economy it provides jobs and a place for customers to purchase goods. 

To support our customers whilst we are closed we are offering same day local delivery for no extra cost. We have a very small team that work throughout the day to get vaping goods to our customers. 

The small team works alone to insure the safety of customers and staff.  The local delivery option is available at checkout and will allow you to pay cash or bank deposit on delivery we us usually accept card at checkout however the current systems are down and we are working on getting this sorted. This is a countrywide problem for many vape stores at the moment. 

With bank transfer we ask that the customer use their order number for the payment reference so we can mark it as paid and know who that payment is from. Everything available on our website is available for local delivery and we’re updating deals and offers weekly. 

To receive discount codes you can subscribe to our mailing list and that will automatically send you weekly updates that usually have a discount code attached. We would like to thank all of our customers the support has been amazing and we hope when it’s safe to open you will continue to shop with us in store or online. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions of suggestions of improvement for our website we are happy to receive all feedback positive and negative as it helps us improve our ability to allow customers to browse and find things on our website. 


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